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Rillieux, Norbert

Born: 1806 AD
Died: 1894 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Engineers, Inventor

1806 – He was born on the 18th day of March this year in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was also a competent blacksmith, then became an expert machinist and fluent in French.


1830 – He studied engineering and became an expert in steam engines there. He then published many papers about the use of steam to work devices. At 24, he became the youngest Teacher in the school that taught applied mechanics and published papers on improved design and uses for the steam engine.


1834 – Between this year and 1843, he worked on a machine that would make the sugar refining process easier, safer, and more efficient. He improved the process by using multiple pans stacked inside a vacuum chamber.


1843 – He used his system on a plantation owned by Theodore Packwood. Finally in this year, Rillieux patented a machine called multiple-effect evaporation system. By 1844, Merrick & Towne in Philadelphia were offering makers of sugar a choice of three different multiple-effect evaporation systems.


1854 – He went back to Paris in this year, probably because of racism and disease in Louisiana. The years before and during the American Civil War were difficult for black people in the South.


1881 – He was 75 years old, when he returned to the problems of sugar production, using his ideas to produce sugar from sugar beets.


1894 – He passed away on the 8th day of October this year.