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Ribera, Jose de

Born: 1588 AD
Died: 1652 AD
Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Painters, Printer

1591 – He was baptized on February 17th in Játiva, Spain. Spanish painter and printmaker, noted for his Baroque dramatic realism and his depictions of religious and mythological subjects.

1616 – He married in Naples, then under Spanish rule, where he remained the rest of his life.

1621 – He did much work for the Spanish viceroys, by whom many of his paintings were sent to Spain. He was also employed by the Roman Catholic church and had numerous private patrons of various nationalities. His paintings were widely imitated and copied in Spain.

1626 – He signed as a member of the Roman Academy of St. Luke.

1631 – Was a knight of the Papal Order of Christ, although he always retained his Spanish identity.

1652 – Died on September 2nd in Naples.