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Redi, Francesco

Born: 1626 AD
Died: 1697 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Biologists

1626 – Born on February 19th in Arezzo, Italy. Italian physician and poet who demonstrated that the presence of maggots in putrefying meat does not result from spontaneous generation but from eggs laid on the meat by flies.

1668 – He disproved spontaneous generation of maggots, by demonstrating absence of maggots on meat protected from flies.

         – In one of the first examples of a biological experiment with proper controls, Redi set up a series of flasks containing different meats, half of the flasks sealed, half open. He then repeated the experiment but, instead of sealing the flasks, covered half of them with gauze so that air could enter.

1685 – Redi is known as a poet chiefly for his Bacco in Toscana (“Bacchus in Tuscany”).

1697 – Died on March 1st in Pisa.