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Ray Kroc

Born: 1902 AD
Died: 1984 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Musicians

1902 – Born- October, 5th, in Chicago, Illinois



1919 – After the war, Kroc became a jazz pianist, playing with the Isham Jones and Harry Sosnick orchestras.



1922-1984 – Married 3 times. One child.


1922 – Upon his first marriage, he went to work for the Lily-Tulip Cup Company, but soon left to become musical director for one of Chicago’s pioneer radio stations WGES, There he played the piano, arranged the music, accompanied singers, and hired musicians. Kroc’s wanderlust was not satisfied with this, and the real estate boom in Florida soon found him in Fort Lauderdale selling real estate.



1926 – the boom collapsed, Kroc was so broke that he had to play piano in a night club to send his wife and daughter back to Chicago by train. He later followed them in his dilapidated Model-T Ford. Kroc thereupon returned to Lily-Tulip as a salesman, later becoming Midwestern sales manager.



1937 – He came upon a new invention, a machine that could mix five milk shakes at one time, called the "multi-mixer."



1941 – Kroc founded his own company to serve as exclusive distributor for the product.



1954 – Kroc heard of a drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California, owned by Richard and Maurice D. McDonald, which was operating eight of his multi-mixers. Curious as to how they could possibly use so many machines in a small establishment, Kroc found the brothers were doing a remarkable business selling only hamburgers, french fries, and milk shakes. Kroc, from his years in the paper cup and milk shake business, recognized a potential gold mine and approached the brothers about starting a franchise operation based on their restaurant, selling hamburgers for 15 cents, fries for 10 cents, and shakes for 20 cents. After some negotiation the McDonald brothers agreed.



1955 – Founded McDonald’s Corp.



1960 – Kroc bought out the rest of McDonalds, from the McDonald brothers. for $2.7 million. Enough to pay each brother $1 million each after taxes.



1961 – There were over 230 McDonalds restaurants.



1968 – The Big Mac is created.


1972 – Quarter Pounder created.


1979 – Happy Meal is created.


1979 – The first McDonald House is opened.



1977 – Kroc decided to retire from being CEO of McDonald’s.



1974 – 1984 – He owned the San Diego Padres baseball team.




1977 – 1984 -Member of the Board of McDonald’s, as Senior Chairman.



1984 – Ray Kroc passes.



1984 – There were 8,300 restaurants in 34 countries with sales of more than $10 billion.



2007 – TV movie documentary (Interviews with Ray Kroc and other McDonalds personnel) is shown, called "Big Mac" Inside the McDonald’s Empire.