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Randal Howard Paul

Born: 1963 AD
Currently alive, at 58 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Politician, Representative, Senator

Rand Paul may just be one of the most elusive politicians in recent memory! Although he is often at the forefront of headlines when he publicizes his statements, not much is know about the personal life, hobbies or quirks of this politician. In 2013, however, Rand Paul did an interview with Harry Binswager of Vogue Magazine; although the resulting article was mostly just a fluff piece, it did reveal some interesting information about Paul. Let’s take a look at 3 things that the interview revealed!


He prefers to wear a  “sartorial” wardrobe

Paul refers to his wardrobe as "notoriously sartorial" and "dad-like."  Some of his favorite outfits include "dad jeans," Hawaiian shirts, plain ‘fisherman’ sandals, shorts in quilt patterns; as well as ties with funky patterns, including one of his favorite ties, which feature a snail pattern.


His sons hate posing for pictures

Rand Paul has three sons with his wife—but, like many young boys, they aren’t always too keen on posing for pictures. At least, they hate posing for formal photographs. In fact, they dislike posing for formal pictures so much that his wife ended up having to choose a photo of Rand from the swearing-in of Joe Biden rather than a family photo or photo of her children for their annual Christmas card. “I got so much grief about that,” his wife admitted. 


He has a history of trying to grow trees

Rand Paul has a softer side for trees, and has a history of attempting to grow some very tall, very large trees on his properties. In 2013, he was in the process of attempting to grow a giant sequoia tree on his property in Kentucky. At the time, the tree was still just a two-foot tall plant surrounding by protective coverings, small enough to fit on the couple’s deck. The tree was surrounded by mesh wire to keep it safe from animals—namely, the squirrels that often find their way into the backyard and deck of the Paul’s home. "The squirrels [keep eating] the roots," Paul admitted to Vogue. “We hate squirrels!” 

This wasn’t his first attempt to grow a large tree, either. He attempted to grow a redwood tree in their backyard but it ultimately died. The tree did grow large enough to form a trunk, which Paul’s wife says they kept preserved in their garage.