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Quidde, Ludwig

Born: 1858 AD
Died: 1941 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Pacifist

1858 – Born on March 23rd in Bremen, Germany. German pacifist and Nobel Prize recipient.

1882 – Married to Margarethe.

1889 – He founded the Deutsche Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft (German Review of Historical Sciences), a journal which he edited.

1890 – He was on the staff of the Prussian Historical Institute in Rome.

1895 – He helped to reorganize the German People’s Party which was, in political philosophy, anti-prussian and anti-military.

1896 – After delivering a political speech on January 20th, Quidde was accused of lese majesty, tried, and sentenced to three months in the Munich prison Stadelheim.

1901 – He filled a position on the Council of the International Peace Bureau in Bern, rose to a position of leadership in the World Peace Congress in Glasgow.

1902 – He won a seat on the City Council of Munich.

1905 – Joined with Frédéric Passy at the Congress at Lucerne to achieve a rapprochement between German and French.

1907 – He served in the Bavarian Assembly.

1914 – Became president of the German Peace Society, a position he held for fifteen years.

1919 – He was elected to the Weimar National Assembly.

1927 – Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

1933 – He was exiled to Switzerland. When Hitler came to power, Quidde fled first to Munich and then to Geneva, where he lived.

         – Even in exile, Quidde continued to attend World Peace Congresses, to publish articles, and to exercise his organizational talents by founding the Comité de secours aux pacifistes exilés to care for fellow political exiles from Nazi Germany.

1941 – Died on March 4th in Geneva, Switzerland.