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Queen Jadwiga

Born: 1374 AD
Died: 1399 AD
Nationality: Polish
Categories: Martyr, Monarch, Queen, Saint

1374 – Saint Jadwiga or Queen Jadwiga born on the 18th of February. She was a Polish monarch who reigned and is venerated by the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Hedwig (Jadwiga) the Queen. She is the Patron Saint of queens, and of United Europe.

1384 – 1399  – Reigned as Polish Queen.

1386 – Married Jagiello, grand duke of Lithuania, in order to unite Poland and Lithuania and to convert the Lithuanians to Christianity.

1397 – She founded a theological college in Kraków and effected the restoration of the University of Kraków. She is nationally venerated as a saint.

1399 – On the 22nd of June, She gave birth to a daughter, baptized Elizabeth Bonifacia. Within a month, both the girl and her mother had died from birth complications. They were buried together in Wawel Cathedral.