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Presser, Jackie

Born: 1926 AD
Died: 1988 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Labor Leader

1926 – Born on August 6th in Cleveland, Ohio. American union leader, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the nation’s largest union.

1943 – He joined the Navy at the age of 17, and served in World War II.

1948 – He worked for a restaurant workers’ union in Cleveland, where he was elected president of the local.

1966 – Formed Teamsters Local 507, which grew from a dozen paint company workers to a union boasting some 6,000 warehousemen.

1970 – As vice president and president of the Ohio Conference of Teamsters, he attempted to improve the organization’s public image by sponsoring charitable activities and supporting government-sponsored job-retraining programs.

1976 – Was the international vice president of the Teamsters.

1980 – He used his influence to gain a union endorsement of Ronald Reagan in the U.S. presidential election and was named labour cochairman for Reagan’s inauguration.

1983 – Presser succeeded Roy Williams, who resigned as Teamsters president after being convicted of conspiring to bribe a U.S. senator.

         – Became the president of International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

1986 – A report issued by the White House Commission on Organized Crime concluded that Presser attained the union presidency with assistance from the New York-based Genovese crime family.

1987 – Presser led the Teamsters back into the AFL–CIO after a 30-year exile.

1988 – Died on July 9th in Lakewood, Ohio.