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Plantagenet, Richard

Born: 1157 AD
Died: 1199 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: King

1157 – Richard I is born on September 9th in Beaumont Palace in Oxford. Richard I, King of England, nicknamed "Coeur de Lion" or "Richard the Lionhearted", was the third son of King Henry II by Eleanor of Aquitaine.

1168 – Richard I, future King of England, was invested with Eleanor of Aquitaine’s Duchy of Aquitaine in the church of Saint Hillaire at Poitiers at the age of 14.

1172 – He was the Duke of Poitiers.

1173 – Revolted against his father, Henry II of England, with his brothers Henry the ‘Young King’ and Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany.

1174 – Richard (I) seized the town of Saintes from his father, Henry II.

1187 – The Third Crusade is ordered after the Muslims’ capture of Jerusalem. Richard I takes the Cross. Richard I, German Emperor Frederick I and French King Philip Augustus lead the crusade.

1189 – Claimed the throne as the King of England.

1191 – Richard married Bernegaria of Navarre, daughter of Sancho VI, King of Navarre, in Limassol, Cyprus on May 12th.

1192 – King Richard was taken prisoner in Austria on his return from the Third Crusade. An entire year’s supply of wool from the Cistercian and two other monasteries in England was promised as ransom for the King. It was never paid in full.

1199 – King Richard I was killed by an arrow at the siege of the castle of Chaluz in France on April 6th. Richard left the throne to his younger brother John, in preference to Arthur of Brittany, the son of his elder brother, Geoffrey. Richard was buried in Fontevrault Abbey in Anjou.