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Pizarro, Francisco

Born: 1475 AD
Died: 1541 AD

1475 – He was born this year in Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain. He was an illegitimate son of Gonzalo Pizarro (senior) who as colonel of infantry served in the Italian campaigns under Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, and in Navarre, with some distinction. His mother was Francisca González Mateos, a woman of slender means from Trujillo.


1502 – He is said to have been a humble pig herder and was in Seville soon after the news of the discovery of the New World reached Spain. Seeking better fate, he sailed to the New World on the expedition of Nicolás de Ovando in this year and landed on the island of Hispaniola.


1510 – He accompanied Ojeda to Colombia in this year and was with Vasco Núñez de Balboa in 1513 when he discovered the Pacific. From 1519 to 1523, he served as mayor of the town of Panama.  


1523 – This year, hearing of the fabled wealth of the Incas, he formed a partnership with Diego de Almagro and Fernando de Luque (a priest who secured funds). The first expedition reached the San Juan River, part of the present boundary between Ecuador and Colombia, and resulted in disaster after two years of suffering and hardship.


1524 – While still in Panama, he formed a partnership with a priest, Hernando de Luque, and a soldier, Diego de Almagro, to explore and conquer the south. Pizarro, Almagro, and Luque later renewed their compact more explicitly, agreeing to conquer and divide equally among themselves the opulent empire they hoped to discover.


1528 – He sailed to Spain to to ask authority to conquer Peru to Emperor Charles V, Tand he achieved this. He left Spain in 1530, and sailed from Panama the following year.


1532 – Sailing south, Pizarro landed at Tumbes in this year.


1533 – After traveling through desert and snow-capped mountains, arrived at Cajamarca in this year, where "the Inca", Atahualpa, the 13th and last emperor of the Incas, awaited him. Atahuallpa accepted an invitation to visit the Spanish commander and arrived attended by crowds of unarmed Incas.


1535 – He founded Ciudad de los Reyes (City of the Kings), which is now Lima. The city was the seat of his new government. Manco escaped and headed an unsuccessful uprising. Pizarro and Almagro quarreled about the territory each was to govern, which made a civil war happen, and so Pizarro sent his half brother, Hernando Pizarro, to Cuzco, and Almagro was defeated and put to death.


1539 – On this year, Francisco appointed his brother Gonzalo Pizarro governor of Quito.


1541 – He was assassinated in Lima on the 26th day of June of this year by the discontented followers of Almagro.