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Pius XII

Born: 1876 AD
Died: 1958 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes

1876 – He was born Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli on the 2nd day of March this year in Rome, Italy.


1899 – He was ordained a priest on Easter Sunday, On the 2nd day of April this year, Bishop Francesco Paolo Cassetta—the vice-regent of Rome and a family friend and received his first assignment as a curate at Chiesa Nuova, where he had served as an altar boy.


1901 – He entered the Congregation for Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, a sub-office of the Vatican Secretariat of State, where he became a minutante, at the recommendation of Cardinal Vannutelli, another family friend


1904 – He became a papal chamberlain and in 1905 a domestic prelate. In the same year until 1916, Father Pacelli assisted Cardinal Gasparri in his codification of canon law with the Department of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs.


1908 – This year and 1911, Pacelli turned down professorships in canon law at a Roman university and The Catholic University of America, respectively.


1911 – He became the under-secretary in this year, adjunct-secretary in 1912 (a position he received under Pope Pius X and retained under Pope Benedict XV).


1914 – He became secretary of the Department of Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs in this year.


1915 – He travelled to Vienna to assist Monsignor Scapinelli the apostolic nuncio to Vienna, in his negotiations with Franz Joseph I of Austria regarding Italy.


1917 – Pope Benedict XV appointed Pacelli as papal nuncio to Bavaria on the 23rd of April this year.


1920 – During the 1920s, Pacelli succeeded in negotiating concordats with Latvia (1922), Bavaria (1925), Poland (1925), Romania (1927), and Prussia (1929), but failed about Germany.


1939 – His papacy began on the 2nd day of March this year.


1958 – At age 82, he died on the 9th day of October this year in Castel Gandolfo, Italy.