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Pierleoni, Pietro

Born: 10XX AD
Died: 1138 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Popes

1116 – After study in Paris, he became a monk at Cluny and was made cardinal at Rome by Pope Paschal II.

1118 – He accompanied Pope Gelasius II, who fled to France from the persecuting Frangipani, an influential Roman family.

1123 – He was the head of the papal legation to France.

1130 – Cardinal Pietro Pierleone gained the title Anacletus II at the contested papal election. Pierleoni was elected pope as Anacletus II by one faction at Rome, while another faction elected Innocent II.

         – He was an antipope to Innocent II.

1138 – He was charge of assisting the pope in robbing the churches and chapels was undoubtedly a calumniation of the Jews, it is quite probable that the Jews sided with Anacletus in this papal schism, which lasted until his death.

         – Died on January 25th in Rome.