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Piccard, Auguste

Born: 1884 AD
Died: 1962 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Inventor, Physicists

1884 – Born in Basel, Switzerland on the 28th of  January.

1930 – Piccard’s interests shifted when he realized that a modification of some of his atmospheric balloon concepts would allow descent into the deep ocean.

1931 – On the 27th of May, Auguste and Paul Kipfer took off from Augsburg, Germany, and reached a record altitude of 15,785 m.

1937 – He had designed a small steel gondola to withstand great external pressure. Construction began, but was interrupted by the outbreak of war.

1945 – He completed the steel gondola for personnel and a large float was attached for buoyancy, using gasoline as the medium.

1948-1950 – This craft was named FNRS-2 and made a number of unmanned dives before being given to the French navy.

1954 – Jacques Piccard made many dives, mainly off Italy.

1957 – Before selling her to the U.S. Navy for $250,000. On her 65th dive, the younger Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh of the U.S. Navy reached a depth 35,800 ft in the Mariana Trench, a few hundred miles from Guam, setting a new record. Jacques’ book Seven Miles Down tells the full story of the FNRS-2 and Trieste.

1962 – Died on the 24th of March in Lausanne.