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Picasso, Pablo Ruiz y

Born: 1881 AD
Died: 1973 AD
Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Painters

Spanish artist and Cubist painter, generally considered father of modern art and also the father of cubism.


He was born in Malaga, Spain. His father was Jose Ruiz, his mother, Maria Picasso.


Pablo Picasso passed through three distinct periods in his life, called: the blue period, the rose period, and his most famous contribution to art, cubism.


He underwent the "Blue Period" 1901-1904. This was a period of great despair in his life. Most people agree that it started when he traveled through war-torn Spain and witnessed the suicide of his best friend, Carlos Casagemas. The paintings turned out during this period are great works of art but clouded by depressing images of invalids, and beggars.


He underwent the "Rose Period" 1905-1907. The rose period took place directly after the rose period, and was filled with warm, happy, and merry paintings. Allegedly, the happy paintings stemmed from a relationship with a woman.


After the rose period (and after a period dubbed by some as the African Period, where many paintings about african people and artifacts) he took to cubism.


established permanent studio in Paris 1904


created paintings "Les Demoiselles d’Avignon" 1907 (often taken to mark beginning of Cubism), "Guernica" 1937, "The Charnel House" 1945, "Les Menines" 1957


In his later years Picasso turned to creations of fantasy and comic invention. He worked consistently in sculpture, ceramics, and in the graphic arts, producing thousands of superb drawings, illustrations, and stage designs. With unabated vigor he painted brilliant variations on the works of other masters, including Delacroix and Velázquez, and continued to explore new aspects of his personal vision until his death. His notable later works include Rape of the Sabines (1963; Picasso Mus., Paris) and Young Bather with Sand Shovel (1971; private collection, France). By virtue of his vast energies and overwhelming power of invention Picasso remains outstanding among the masters of the ages.