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Phan Boi Chau

Born: 1867 AD
Died: 1940 AD
Nationality: Vietnamese
Categories: Authors, Terrorist

1867 – Born on the 26th of December in Sa Nam village, Dong-liet District, in the region between Mount Hùng and the Lam River.

1883 – He was sixteen, Phan BÙi Châu wrote an appeal for "putting down the French and retrieving the North" which he put up along the streets.

1885 – When the C§n V°¡ng movement caused parts of the scholar-gentry class to rise up against the French, Phan BÙi Châu organised sixty fellow students into an "Army of Loyalist Examination Candidates".

1900 – He kept a low profile to keep his parents out of trouble.

1903 – He formed a revolutionary organization called the Reformation Society.

1904 – He created the Vietnam Modernization Association.

1909 – After being deported from Japan, Phan Boi Châu went to Hong Kong with Cuong De.

1911 – The Wuchang Uprising occurred in China on the 10th of October. It quickly spread and declared itself the Republic of China. This greatly inspired Phan BÙi Châu, since he had many friends among the Chinese revolutionaries.

1914 – Phan BÙi Châu was arrested by the Chinese authorities and thrown in jail on suspicion of helping rival Chinese authorities.

1921 – Phan BÙi Châu studied Socialism and the Soviet Union in the hope of gaining assistance from the Soviet Union or socialist groups.

1924 – On the 11th of December, HÓ Chí Minh returned from Moscow to Canton.

1925 – Phan BÙi Châu arrived in Shanghai on what he thought was a short trip on behalf of his movement.

1925 – He was released from prison on the 24th of December by Governor General Alexandre Varenne, in response to huge public protests.

1940 – Died on the 29th of October, about a month after Japan invaded northern Vietnam.