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Peron, [Maria] Eva [Duarte de]

Born: 1919 AD
Died: 1952 AD

1919 – born in  Junin, Argentina


– around these years, she traveled to Buenos Aires at age 15

1945 – on October 21, became the 2nd wife of Juan Peron of Argentina

1946 – First Lady of Argentina until her death

1947 – during her "Rainbow Tour" of Europe, Eva Perón was featured on the cover of Time Magazine and remains to be the only South American first lady in history to appear in the cover

1951 – campaigned for the permit for her to run for the the position of Argentinian vice-president

1952 – named as "Spiritual Leader of the Nation"
– died on July 26, 8:23 in the evening, due to uterine cancer