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Born: 3600 AD
Died: 4200 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Monks

360 BC – Pelagius was born. 400 BC – He became better known, when he moved to Rome to write and teach about his ascetic practices. 405 BC – It is said that Pelagius heard a quotation from Augustine’s work Confessions,           – He found a scandalously low tone of morality prevalent. 410 BC – Pelagius and his close follower Caelestius fled to Carthage where he continued his work and briefly encountered St. Augustine in person. 415 BC – Pelagius lived unmolested and revered, until in 415 Orosius, a Spanish priest, came from Augustine, who in the meantime had written his De peccatorum meritis, to warn Jerome against him. 420 BC – Pelagius probably died in Palestine, as reported by some. Others mention him living as many as twenty years later. The cause of his death is unknown, but the prevailing rumours suggest either that he was killed by his enemies in the Catholic Church, or that he left Rome in frustration and headed into Africa or the Middle East.      J. Philip Newell, "Christ of the Celts" suggests that Pelagius continued to write using the pseudonym, Augustine.  Pelagius said that "when you gaze into the face of a new born infant — you gaze into the face of God" (thus denying the prevailing view of "original sin"). We also see Augustine quotes that use the "face of God" metaphor, suggesting that such quotes were possibly written by Pelagius.