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Patrick, John

Born: 1905 AD
Died: 1995 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Playwrights

1905 – He was born on the 17th day of November this year in Louisville, Kentucky.


1924 – He secured a job as an announcer at KPO Radio in San Francisco, California.


1925 – He married Mildred Legaye in this year.


1929 – He wrote over one thousand scripts for the Cecil and Sally Show broadcast by NBC between this year and 1933.


1935 – Produced on a tight budget, his first play Hell Freezes Over, directed by a tyro Joshua Logan, had a brief run on Broadway. However, the credit opened the door for him as a Hollywood scriptwriter.


1937 – He wrote adaptations for NBC’s Streamlined Shakespeare series, guest-starring Helen Hayes.


1942 – A second play The Willow and I was produced with Martha Scott and Gregory Peck in the starring roles. Before its first night, he had volunteered for the American Field Service providing medical services in support of the British Army fighting World War II.


1949 – He served with Montgomery’s Eighth Army in Egypt where the ideas for his next play The Hasty Heart. He completed the play on the ship that returned him to the US after the war and it proved a great commercial success, being adapted for the screen this year.


1950 – His next two plays, The Curious Savage in this year, and Lo and Behold in 1951 fared less well but it was his 1953 stage adaptation of Vern J. Sneider’s novel The Teahouse of the August Moon that marked the height of his fame.


1956 – Winning both the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award for drama. He adapted the play for the screen this year and for the musical stage, under the title Lovely Ladies, Kind Gentlemen, in 1970.


1983 – The play he conceptualized while serving the army in 1949 was made for TV this year.


1995 – On the 17th day of November this year,  the 90-year-old playwright was found dead in his room with a plastic bag over his head. His death was ruled a suicide.