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Patrick Christie

Born: 1968 AD
Currently alive, at 53 years of age.
Nationality: Australian
Categories: Artists

1968 – Patrick Christie was born in Narrandera, a small rural town in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia.


1978 – At an early age, Christie’s parents and schoolteachers became aware of his artistic aptitude and at the age of ten he was enrolled in a weekly art class at Narrandera TAFE where he worked mostly with pencil, pen and ink.

– At the same time, Christie also attended weekend painting classes with a local artist where he focused on painting with oils.

1979 – Christie began private tuition in oil painting from John Burrows, a practicing local artist.


1980 – Christie spent many school holidays and weekends travelling statewide to attend workshops and weekend classes with the respected artist Lance McNeil.


1981 – At the age of 13, Christie attended a week-long school at the Charles Sturt University in Bathurst studying oil painting, understanding the use of colour and tone, painting still life subjects, landscapes and taking life study classes.


1983 – By the time Patrick Christie was 15, he’d exhibited in many group shows and received numerous awards that resulted in a good level of sales; however, the pressure and expectations became overwhelming and Patrick moved away from his art.


1991 – In his early twenties, Christie returned to his love of art and travelled throughout Europe, making London and Rome his base for three years while he studied the artists and art in the scores of galleries, museums and churches of Europe.


1994 – Christie returned home to Australia and worked as a specialist horse trainer in Helensburgh, Darkes Forest and Goulburn as he worked to nurture his talent and refine his style to emerge with a consistent body of heavily detailed and richly textured pen and ink drawings.


2001 – During ‘Black Christmas’ in Darkes Forest, New South Wales, deemed the worst bushfire in the recorded history of the state, Christie made the decision to stay on his farm to protect and defend his 45 alpacas, 3 horses and 3 dogs. Christie and the Rural Fire Service were able to stop the devastating fires from crossing his property line and none of his animals were harmed.


2002 – Christie broke his fingers on both hands in a serious horse accident.

"When the doctor suggested to just patch me up, he assumed I didn’t use my hands for any particular skill," Christie said. "I replied, ‘I do actually.’ That’s when I knew I had to take my art seriously—before it was taken away from me. I found the best hand surgeon available and a long rehabilitation process began," Patrick Christie said.

The accident proved to be a pivotal turning point in Christie’s life, from which he chose to develop his passion of drawing into a career as a visual artist.

2007 – Patrick Christie launched patrick christie ink., a collection of his original pen and ink drawings and limited edition giclee prints, some featuring a single, bold, hand embossed word.

– Christie released: blue willow I, blue willow II, blue willow III, cowboy whip, cowboy saddle, cowboy skull, cowboy boots, stagecoach, waratah and drape.

2008 – Patrick Christie moved to the historic Hardware Lane in Melbourne, Victoria.

– Christie released: wicker, waratah in vase, peonies, peacocks vase, 15 bugs, red cock, china plates, IV ewe, scheletro del cavello, telopea, banksia, gloriosa, protea, firewheel tree, black cock, blue cock, equine, who?, the beetles, euchirine scarabs, horned scarabs, stag beetles, 4 beetles, red waratah, pink, 5 wasps.

– In an effort to raise money and awareness for the half-blind, 70-something-year-old greater flamingo that was attacked at Adelaide Zoo at the end of October 2008, Australian artist Patrick Christie auctioned the number one print of his recent work, pink, a hand-embossed, limited-edition giclee print that featured three flamingos.

 – Christie opened his solo exhibition, patrick christie ink I, at Green-Wood Gallery in South Melbourne, Victoria. The exhibition included his pen and ink original drawings and limited-edition giclee prints and featured cowboys, cocks and natives.

2009 – Patrick Christie released: spoilt for choice, irises, maggie.

– Christie opened his solo exhibition, patrick christie ink II, at Becker Minty in Potts Point of Sydney, New South Wales. The exhibition included his pen and ink original drawings and limited-edition giclee prints and featured blue and white willow china, waratahs and botanical still lifes.


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