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Pasha, Abbas Hilmi

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1944 AD
Nationality: Egyptian
Categories: King

1874 – Born on July 14, 1874 in Alexandria, Egypt. 1899 – He learned to understand the importance of British counsels. 1900 – He paid a second visit to England, during which he frankly acknowledged the great good the British

had done in Egypt, and declare himself ready to follow their advice and to cooperate with the British

officials administering Egyptian affairs. 1914 – He issued an appeal to the Egyptians and the Sudanese to support the Central Powers and to fight

the British. Britain declared Egypt its protectorate and deposed Abbas Hilmi Pasha on the 18th of December. His uncle Husayn Kamil replaced him and assumed the title of sultan. 1931 – He was forbade to enter Egyptian territory and stripped him of the right to sue in Egyptian courts. – He finally accepted the new order of things on the 12th of May 1944 – He retired to Switzerland where he died at Geneva on the 19th of December.