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Parker, Dorothy

Born: 1893 AD
Died: 1967 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Authors, Writers

1893 – She was born on the 22nd day of August in the West End district of Long Branch, New Jersey.


1917 – She met and married a Wall Street broker, Edwin Pond Parker II, but they were separated by his army service in World War I.


1919 – Her career took off while writing theatre criticism for Vanity Fair, initially as a stand-in for the vacationing P.G. Wodehouse.


1925 – She and Benchley were considered part of the staff, though at first they contributed little to the magazine. Parker was soon writing for The New Yorker as well.


1934 – She married Alan Campbell, an actor with hopes to be a screenwriter.


1936 – She helped to found the Anti-Nazi League in Hollywood.


1937 – She wrote the script for the film, “A Star is Born.” which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Writing – Screenplay.


1947 – Her marriage with Campbell was tempestuous; they divorced.


1950 – She was listed as a Communist by the publication Red Channels.


1957 – She wrote book reviews for Esquire, though these pieces were increasingly erratic due to her continued abuse of alcohol.


1967 – She died of a heart attack at the age of 73 in the Volney residential hotel in New York City.