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Orozco, Jose Clemente

Born: 1883 AD
Died: 1949 AD
Nationality: Mexican
Categories: Painters

José Clemente Orozco is a Mexican social realist painter who specialized in bold murals.

1883 – Born 23rd of November in Zapotlán el Grande (now Ciudad Guzmán), Jalisco.

Studied in Mexico City at the San Carlos Academy.

Began to experiment with fresco painting on large walls. One of his most famous murals is The Epic of American Civilization at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA.

1930 – Painted Prometheus and Zapata.

1932-1934 – Covers almost 300 m² (3200 square feet) in 24 panels and his murals is to be found at the New

School for Social Research, now known as the New School University.

1939 – He painted "The Man of Fire".

1943 – He painted  "Christ Destroying His Cross".

1949 – Jalisco died on the 7th of September in Mexico City.