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Oresme, Nicholas

Born: 1323 AD
Died: 1382 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Mathematicians

1320 – Born in Normandy. French Roman Catholic bishop, scholastic philosopher, economist, and mathematician whose work provided some basis for the development of modern mathematics and science and of French prose, particularly its scientific vocabulary.

1348 – His name appears on a list of graduate scholarship holders in theology at the College of Navarre at the University of Paris.

1356 – Oresme became grand master of the college.

1360 – Oresme presented his economic ideas in commentaries on the Ethics, Politics, and Economics, as well as an earlier treatise, De origine, natura, jure et mutationibus monetarum (“On the Origin, Nature, Juridical Status and Variations of Coinage”).

1362-1364 – Oresme was appointed canon and dean of the Cathedral of Rouen.

         – Became a canon at the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.

1370 – At the behest of King Charles V of France, Oresme translated Aristotle’s Ethics, Politics, and On the Heavens, as well as the pseudo-Aristotelian Economics, from Latin into French.

1377-1378 – Oresme was elected bishop of Lisieux and was consecrated.

         – In Livre du ciel et du monde (“Book on the Sky and the World”), Oresme brilliantly argued against any proof of the Aristotelian theory of a stationary Earth and a rotating sphere of the fixed stars.

1382 – Died on July 11th in Lisieus, France.