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Oku, Yasukata

Born: 1846 AD
Died: 1930 AD
Nationality: Japanese
Categories: Captain, Military Officer

1847 – Born on the 5th of January in Fukuoka, Buzen Province, Japan.

1871 – He was appointed as commander of the new Imperial Japanese Army.

1874 – He was a survivor of the Taiwan Expedition, during the Satsuma Rebellion.

       – He defended Kumamoto Castle during its siege as commander of the 13th Infantry Regiment.
1895 – He was elevated to the title of danshaku (Baron).

1903 – He was promoted as army General.

1906 – He was awarded the Order of the Golden Gate Kite(1st class).

1911 – He received the largely honorary rank of Field Marshal.

1930 – He died on the 19th of July in Tokyo, Japan.