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Ohm, Georg Simon

Born: 1787 AD
Died: 1854 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Physicists

1789 – Born at Erlangen, Kingdom of Bavaria on the 16th of March.

1805 – At age 15, Ohm entered the University of Erlangen.

1806 – In September, he took up a post as a mathematics teacher in a school in Gottstadt bei Nydau.

1811 – His studies had stood him in good stead for his receiving a doctorate from Erlangen on the 25th of October, and immediately joined the staff as a mathematics lecturer.

1817 – The King satisfied with Georg’s work and he offered Ohm a position at a Jesuit Gymnasium of Cologne on the 11th of September.

1825 – His first paper published, Ohm examines the decrease in the electromagnetic force produced by a wire as the length of the wire increased.

1827 – The most important was his pamphlet published in Berlin, with the title Die galvanische Kette mathematisch bearbeitet.

1833 – He became in the polytechnic school of Nuremberg.

1841 – His work was eventually recognized by the Royal Society with its award of the Copley Medal.

1842 – He became a foreign member of the Royal Society.

1845 – He became a full member of the Bavarian Academy.

1852 – He became professor of experimental physics in the university of Munich.

1854 – Died on the 6th of July.