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Ocalan, Abdullah

Born: 1948 AD
Currently alive, at 73 years of age.
Nationality: Turkish
Categories: Terrorist


1948 – Born in Eastern Turkey.


1960-1970 – took up political science at Ankara University.


1972 – Got imprisoned because he was accused to be associating with communist and terorist groups.


1978 – Organized the Kurdish People’s Party (PKK) in November.


1984 – Instigated guerilla warfare against the Turkish government in the South-Eastern provinces.


1988 – In June, he put forward a ceasefire to the Turkish authorities under two conditions, that the prisoners.

would be freed and the PKK be legalised


1993 – Decided a unilateral ceasefire.


1984 – Exiled to Syria.


1998 – He was evicted from Syria in October.


         – He requested for political asylum in Moscow but the Russian government was under pressure from three countries US, Israel, and Turkey.


         – Went to Rome on the 13th of November, and asked for asylum.


         – In December, he officially announced his desire to be under International Court.


1999 – Left Italy.


         – Tried to go the Hague but got denied and was not able to enter Netherlands.


         – On the 16th of February, he was jailed in Turkey after being kidnapped in Kenya by Turkish secret agents.


         – sentenced to death on th 29th of June, for setting up PKK and launching a 15-year war against the government of Turkey.


         – On tne 3rd of August, Ocalan urged his supporters to stop the armed struggle and pull out of Southeast Turkey on the 1st of September.