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Newman, Frank

Born: 1927 AD
Died: 2004 AD

1927 – Frank Newman, born in Jamestown Rhode Island. He was an educator and professor.

1944 – He arranged to graduate a semester early from high school and enlisted in the Navy on his 17th birthday, but was still in officer training at Brown University when the war ended.

1947 – He returned to Brown, where he earned a second bachelor’s degree (in electrical engineering) and met Lucile Fanning, who became his wife; she is an emeritus professor at Brown University.

1949 – Entered business. He worked first for the Honeywell Regulator Company in New York, and then for Beckman Instruments in California.

1966 – He turned his life upside down, running unsuccessfully for Congress in California as a Republican antiwar candidate.

1969 – The H.E.W. secretary, Robert H. Finch, asked him to lead a task force on reform in higher education.

1971 – H.E.W. officials commissioned him to lead a second task force on reform.

1974 – 1983 – He was named president of the University of Rhode Island, a post he held.

1983 – He became a fellow at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

1985 – He became president of the Education Commission of the States, in Denver.

1980 – 1990 – Helped to shape state education policy in the prodded colleges and universities to respond to a rapidly changing society.

1985 – Together with the presidents of Stanford, Brown and Georgetown, him founded Campus Compact to foster community service by college students.

1993 – He was one of the education reformers chosen to receive part of Walter H. Annenberg’s $500 million grant to improve education in America.

1999 – After leaving the Education Commission, he remained a maverick voice on higher education. He taught at Brown and at Teachers College and directed the Futures Project: Policy for Higher Education in a Changing World, at Brown. He also lectured widely.

2004 – Died on the 30th of May at 77 years old.