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Nelson, Horatio, Lord

Born: 1758 AD
Died: 1805 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Admiral

1758 – Born in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk on the 29th of  September.

1771 – His naval career began on 1st of January when he reported to the third-rate Raisonnable as an Ordinary Seaman and coxswain. Nelson’s maternal uncle, Captain Maurice Suckling, commanded the vessel.

1777 – Nelson had risen to the rank of lieutenant and was assigned to the West Indies.

1780 – He was involved in an action against the Spanish fortress of San Juan in Nicaragua

1783 – He continued his efforts against the American rebels until the official end of the war.

1784 – He was given command of the frigate Boreas, and assigned to enforce the Navigation Act in the vicinity of Antigua.

1787 – Nelson and Fanny were married on the 11th of  March at the end of his tour of duty in the Caribbean.

1799 – Nelson was promoted to Rear Admiral of the Red, the seventh highest rank in the Royal Navy.

1801 – On the 1st of January Nelson was promoted to Vice Admiral of the Blue.

1805 – Died on the 21st of October.