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Nathalie Boutet

Born: 1968 AD
Currently alive, at 51 years of age.
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Nathalie Boutet has practiced family law in Toronto, Canada for over 20 years. She has been a Collaborative Law lawyer for the past decade. She is also a Deputy Judge in the Small Claims Court, a mediator, a teacher of Collaborative Law in Canada, Europe, and a member of the Chief Justice of Ontario Advisory Committee on Professionalism. Her parents divorced when she was a teenager. She is a widowed mother of one.


Nathalie Boutet works exclusively with clients who want to minimize the emotional cost of post-separation conflict and maximize the benefits of both partners being empowered, as well as partners who focus on their children.


Nathalie Boutet co-founded a powerful program called NEXT because she has seen many couples struggling in their relationships to derive the closeness, richness and satisfaction they want. She support clients through the growth that takes place from a separation and take pride in playing a role in their healing.


Nathalie Boutet’s Education


The University of Western Ontario Law

1988 – 1989


Université Laval, Civil Law, Law

1986 – 1988

NEXT Program


 Couples Therapy Toronto: The Next Program is a marriage counseling alternative designed to:


* Help people understand the legal separation process and the many non-legal emotional, physical, and social issues typically encountered.


* Teach people how to create a separation as a source of renewal and inspiration. That is, a place to come from that will empower them, their former partner and their family to create a healthy future apart.


For couples who are unsure about separation, NEXT provides empowering tools to support people in making the right decision and taking actions that will make a significant difference in their life, their family and their marriage.




The Next Program 

260 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON M5V 1Z8

(416) 646-3377

(416) 367-5827 (Fax) ‎‎

3.5 (70%) 2 votes