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Naqib faeq

Born: 1990 AD
Currently alive, at 31 years of age.
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Engineers


Education Background

  Ghazi high school

Graduated from ghazi high school (Kabul Afghanistan)


  Institution period:

v     Farah culture center

                From 2005 up to 2006 (one year)

                           Students of LG ("lets go" English system)   

                                                                         (Farah, Afghanistan)

    Arabia computer science institute

                          Student of computer Hardware (sex month) 

(Heart, Afghanistan)

v     Nanonet institute

                       From   2007 to 2008 (one year)

                                    DIT (Diploma in information technology

 (Herat, Afghanistan)

•v     Armaghan institute

                       From   2010 to 2011 (one year)

                          Student For Network, MCSE and CCNA 

 (Kabul, Afghanistan)

Work Experience:


Working at technical section

                      Khurshid aria Co.Ltd (Kabul Afghanistan)

Working at technical section

                      SAAJ production (Kabul Afghanistan)

                                                                                 (13-9-2009) Up to (05-06-2010)

Working as IT Manager

                      Saba media organization or Saba T.V (Kabul Afghanistan)

                                                                                 (05-06-2010) Up to (11-04-2011)

working as IT Manager

                      Afghanpharma Company (herat afghanistan)

                                                                                 (1-05-2011) up to now

Language Capabilities:

 No                    Language                 Speaking                  Writing                 Reading 

 1                       Dari                          Excellent                   Excellent              Excellent

 2                       Pashto                      Excellent                   Excellent              Excellent                    

 3                       English                     Excellent                    Excellent              Excellent