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Namath, Joseph William

Born: 1943 AD
Currently alive, at 78 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Football Player, Sportscaster

1943 – Born on the 31st of May in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.


        – Beaver Falls High School, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.


1965- University of Alabama.



1965-1975 – Quarterback for New York Jets.



1969 – Namath is known for boldly guaranteeing a Jets’ victory over Don Shula’s NFL Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, and then making good on his prediction with a 16-7 win. Namath felt honored to play against a QB (Johnny Unitas) he looked up to when he was young.

1976-1977 – He played in the L.A. Rams.


         – Football-Hall-Of-Famer.



1985 – He was Color Commentator for "Monday Night Football"



1970-1990 – He was in 6 movies.




1984-1999 – He married Deborah Mays and they had two daughters. After the divorce the girls lived in Florida with Namath.



2007 – In May, Olivia (his daughter) gave birth to a daughter, Natalia, his first grandchild.



– Namath’s nickname "Broadway Joe" was given to him by Sherman Plunkett, a Jets teammate. The "Joe Willie Namath" moniker, Namath’s full given name, was popularized by sportscaster Howard Cosell. He originated the fad of wearing a full-length fur coat on the sidelines, a habit which was adopted by many players after him. The NFL has since banned this, requiring all team personnel (players, coaches, athletic trainers, etc.) to wear league-approved team apparel. Namath stood out from other AFL and NFL players by wearing low-cut white shoes rather than traditional black high-tops (thus the nickname "Joe Willie Whiteshoes"). Today, the NFL often fines players for not wearing shoes that match those of their teammates.



2012 – Namath currently lives in the village of Tequesta, Florida. He continues to serve as an unofficial spokesman and goodwill ambassador for the Jets.