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Munch, Edvard

Born: 1863 AD
Died: 1944 AD
Nationality: Norwegian
Categories: Painters

1863 – He was born on the 12th day of December this year in Norway.


1868 – His mother died of tuberculosis this year and his sister to the same disease in 1877.


1879 – He enrolled in a technical college to study engineering, but frequent illnesses interrupted his studies.


1880 – He left the college to become a painter. In 1881, he enrolled at the Royal School of Art and Design of Kristiania. His teachers were sculptor Julius Middelthun and naturalistic painter Christian Krohg.


1892 – He formulated his characteristic, and original, Synthetic aesthetic, as seen in Melancholy, in which color is the symbol-laden element. The Union of Berlin Artists invited him to exhibit at its November exhibition. His paintings evoked bitter controversy, and after one week, the exhibition closed.


1893 – He painted The Scream, which is his most famous work. In December of this year, Unter den Linden in Berlin held an exhibition of his work, showing, among other pieces, six paintings entitled Study for a Series: Love.


1898 – He made a wooden frame with carved relief for the large painting Metabolism, initially called Adam and Eve.


1908 – His anxiety became acute and he entered the clinic of Dr. Daniel Jacobsen. This therapy, which he received in hospital, changed his personality.


1909 – After returning to Norway in this year, he showed more interest in nature subjects, and his work became more colorful and less pessimistic.


1944 – He died this year in Ekely, Norway.