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Moynihan, Daniel Patrick

Born: 1927 AD
Died: 2003 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Ambassadors, Political Leader, Senator

1927 – Daniel Patrick Moynihan, born on the 16th of March in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was a United States Senator, Ambassador, and eminent sociologist.

1944 – 1947 – He served on active duty, last serving as Gunnery Officer of the USS Quirinus.

1954 – Was a member of Averell Harriman’s New York gubernatorial campaign and thereafter served 4 years on the Governor’s staff, in positions including acting secretary to the Governor.

1976 – He was first elected to the United States Senate for New York.

1964 – Was supporting Robert F. Kennedy. For this reason he was not favored by then president Johnson.

1965 – He ran for but did not win the presidency of the New York City Council.

1973 – 1975 – He later served as the ambassador to India.

1976 – As the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations, serving a rotation as President of the United Nations Security Council.

       – Was elected to the U.S. Senate from the state of New York, defeating U.S. Representative Bella Abzug in the Democratic primary, and Conservative Party incumbent James L. Buckley in the general election.

2003 – Died on the 26th of March at the age of 76 after complications suffered from an emergency appendectomy about a month earlier.