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Moussaoui, Zacarias

Born: 1968 AD
Currently alive, at 53 years of age.
Nationality: French
Categories: Terrorist

1968 – He was born on the 30th day of May this year. A French citizen of Moroccan descent, he lived in England during the 1990s, earning a graduate degree in business and associating with radical Islamists.


1993 – He holds a master’s degree in International Business from South Bank University in London, having enrolled in this year and graduated in 1995.


2001 – Moussaoui was arrested in the United States in August of this year by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Initially on immigration charges, he had come to the FBI’s attention when a Minnesota flight instructor grew suspicious of Moussaoui’s desire to learn how to pilot a 747-passenger jet.


2005 – He was held as a material witness. After years of legal wrangling, he entered a guilty plea in April of this year.


2006 – He was found guilty on felony conspiracy charges in April of this year and sentenced to life in prison on the 4th day of May this year. After his sentencing, Moussaoui recanted his testimony and tried unsuccessfully to reverse his guilty plea.