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Molinsky, Joan Sandra

Born: 1933 AD
Currently alive, at 87 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: TV Host

1933 – Born on June 8th in New York City. Joan Rivers is a comedian famous for her fast, self-mocking, bitchy patter, her raspy voice, and her borderline offensive material.

1954 – Received her B.A. degree in English and Anthropology at Barnard College.

1957 – Married to James Sanger.

1965 – Married to Edgar Rosenberg on July 15th.

1968 – She had a bit part in Burt Lancaster’s odd midlife crisis classic The Swimmer.

1969 – Rivers got her first TV talk show, a syndicated half-hour called That Show, which didn’t last long.

1978 – She directed the film Rabbit Test.

1983 – After dozens of appearances on Tonight, she became Carson’s "permanent guest host", filling in once every third week.

1986 – She infuriated Carson by jumping to the upstart Fox network for The Late Show starring Joan Rivers — aired opposite Tonight.

1989 – The Joan Rivers Show, a new syndicated daytime talk show, started and lasted four years.

1994 – Rivers made a soapy tearjerker out of her husband’s suicide in the TV movie Tears and Laughter: The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story, starring Joan and Melissa Rivers as themselves.

2000-2004 – She appeared in the filmd The Intern and First Daughter.