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Mohammad Shamsul Alam

Born: 1966 AD
Currently alive, at 55 years of age.
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Categories: Administrators, Columnist, Researchers

1966 –  Born on 5 May to a Muslim family in the village of Dasherjangal under Gosairhat upazila of  Shariatpur District, East Pakistan (now in Bangladesh) to father Dr. Md. Yousuf Ali, a physician and mother Begum Azufa Khatun, recipient of Ratnagarva Ma Award.


1986 – Graduated from the University of Dhaka and had experience working with Bangladesh Krishi Bank officer.


1988 – Succeeded in securing merit position in Bangladesh Civil Service Gazetted officers’ list through an open competitive examination. At the end of ’90s, he joined the BCS (Administration) Cadre as a fast-track career civil servant. Later he received Master of Arts in Philosophy from Dhaka University. He is a registered graduate of Dhaka University.


1992 – Bangladesh Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia selects him in her own office personnel team. Alam was in charge of protocol affairs of Prime Minister.


1993 – Married to Major Khadiza Anam (now retired), was protocol officer (2002-2006) to Prime Minister. The couple blessed with two children Subah (13) and Shaffin (9).


1994 – Attended as member of Bangladesh official delegation to Commonwealth Summit in Cyprus.


1995 – Attended as member of Bangladesh delegation to The World Summit for Social Development, Copenhagen, Denmark. Also attended OIC Summit as Bangladesh Government Official delegation, Morocco and SAARC Summit in  India.


2001 – Begum Khaleda Zia was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for third term after a landslide victory in parliamentary elections and Alam continues his private secretarial job with her. Being a young farsighted civil servant he addressed many challenges during his career. One of the remarkable issues he challenged is to point out Dr. Kamal Siddiqui, the principal secretary to the prime Minister, as a black sheep in the Prime Minister’s office who subsequently embarrassed Begum Khaleda Zia’s government through activities and interview to newspapers. Some influential corners tried to ousted Alam from personnel team of Khaleda Zia but they failed and made propaganda against Alam which subsequently nullified by an investigation.  


2002 – Attended as member of Bangladesh delegation to SAARC Summit, Nepal. He also attended to the United Nations Special General Assembly on Children held in New York as a member of Bangladesh delegation.


2003 – Attended workshop on status of Primary Education Develops in Australia.


2004 – Attended as member of Bangladesh Government official delegation to NAM Conference, Indonesia. He was elected Joint Secretary of BCS (Administration) Services Association, a service organization of 4000 civil servants, also a life member of the Association.


2005- Alam is prominent in his locality for massive infrastructural expansion of Gosairhat. He organizes funds and projects to provide appropriate support for the development of the underdeveloped region, also helped local government to prepare new projects. Prior to 1995 where there were no pucca road in Gosairhat Upazila, during the last decade 200 miles metallic roads and bridges were made including road connection with capital city in his initiative. Other infrastructural developments were extended hospital facilities, new telephone exchange, developed bazaars and embankments and orphanage, constructed many school buildings, installed hundreds of deep tube wells for purified water and expansion of rural electrification. At present Gosairhat is one of the developed upazilas of Bangladesh. Moreover, he also helped in development of different areas like Damudya, Bhedarganj Muladi, Shariatpur, Natore and Narail District.


2006 – Received his second masters’ degree (M.B.A.) from internationally accredited Daffodil International University. Attended OIC Summit , Malaysia as Bangladesh government official delegation. By October Alam has completed his unprecedented career-track world record in performing private secretarial to Prime Minister for consecutive 15 years. During 2004-06 Alam contributed for the prospect and enhancement of Civil services as an elected Joint Secretary of BCS (Administration) Services Association, a service organization of 4500 civil servants where he also a life member. He has performed prestigious job of the member selection of Officers’ Club during 2004-6 where he is permanent member. He also served as chair of the Ninth BCS Forum for two years. During his early age he founded Royal Sporting Club in his locality Gosairhat as founder secretary during 1984-85, which had significant role in sports and cultural field as well as relief works.


2007 – On January 11, 2007 Emergency rule was imposed to Bangladesh on an illegal interferences to the President of Bangladesh by the then Army Chief Gen. Moeen U Ahmed, and country’s democracy was hijacked. Army backed interim government arrested a large number of people including the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and past Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, filing false cases of corruption as apart of crackdown against politicians, businessmen and high officials.  Many people were physically and mentally tortured in the name of interrogation and many people were imprisoned for a long time without valid reason. Special courts were set up for trial of these people where pre-determined verdicts were announced by the judges. Many people were illegally forced to go on exile.


2008 – Alam wrote columns with special attention to governance crisis and political downturn during democratic era of Bangladesh. Many of his write ups were published in Daily Naya Diganta, Akhon Samoy, Thikana, Bangla Patrika, Probashi Barta, Probashi Voice of New York and Surma, London.