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Moaza, Yacov Moshe

Born: 1934 AD
Currently alive, at 88 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Comedians



1931 – He was born on the 9th day of June this year in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He graduated with a BA from City College of New York and (at the age of 25) was ordained as a rabbi in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.[1] Three years later he resigned the post to become a comedian.


1962 – He allegedly gave Ed Sullivan the finger on a live telecast of Sullivan’s weekly variety show. Sullivan terminated Mason’s $45,000.00 contract on the spot.


1991 – He was criticized by African-American organizations such as the NAACP when he called New York mayor David Dinkins "a fancy schvartze with a moustache", later on he apologized.


1992 – He won an Emmy for his voice-over of Rabbi Krustofsky in The Simpson’s episode, Like Father, Like Clown, making him the first and only guest star to win an Emmy for his role.


2005 – In November of this year, he started a daily talk show, "The Jackie Mason Show". The show airs nightly on the CNN television network on Comcast cable television.


2006 – As of July this year, he is currently also the host of a nationally syndicated radio program. He also filed a lawsuit against the group Jews for Jesus for using his likeness in a pamphlet on the 28th day of August this year, and made an apology to him.