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Mitchell, Elisha

Born: 1793 AD
Died: 1857 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Botanist, Geologist

1793 – Mitchell was born on August 19th in Washington, Connecticut. Elisha was a native of Connecticut, student and tutor at Yale College, botanist, geologist and Presbyterian minister.

1813 – Mitchell’s diary, begun at Yale and kept irregularly while he was teaching at various places in the North, containing mainly religious reflections and slight personal comment.

1817 – He took over the chair of mathematics and natural philosophy at the University of North Carolina.

1818 – Professor of geology and chemistry and bursar at the University of North Carolina.

1819 – He married Maria Sybil North and had four daughters.

1821 – Was ordained as a presbyterian minister.

1825 – He became professor of chemistry, mineralogy and geology at the same university, and then stayed in that position until his death.

         – He was the first to establish that the mountains of North Carolina were the highest east of the Rockies.

1857 – He was overwhelmed by a storm while on expedition and died on June 27th.

         – Mitchell published regularly during his life, including papers in the ‘American Journal of Science’, the book ‘Elements of Geology, with an Outline of the Geology of North Carolina’, and a diary of a geological tour he took after being made professor of chemistry, mineralogy and geology.