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Born: 3720 AD
Died: 2890 AD
Nationality: Chinese
Categories: Philosopher

372 – Mencius, born in Shantung, East China. He founded a school modelled on that of Confucius, and travelled China for some 20 years searching for a ruler to implement Confucian moral and political ideals.

335 – He seems to have established a reputation in Tsou as a teacher, but nothing is recorded of his activities until his arrival in Ch’i, north of Lu, and one of the most powerful states of that period. He must have arrived in Ch’i during the reign of King Wei, perhaps as early as this year.

324 – He left Ch’i about this year and traveled south through the states of Sung and Hsüeh, where he received travel funds from the rulers of these states, finally arriving in his home state of Tsou.

315 – Ch’i attacked the state of Yen in the northeast. Before sending out his expedition King Hsüan asked him for advice.

289 – The date of his death is uncertain, but it is traditionally given as this year.


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