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McMahon, Edward Leo Peter Jr.

Born: 1923 AD
Died: 2009 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Announcer, TV Host

US actor, television announcer, and sweepstakes publicity agent.



1923 – Born- March, 6th, Detroit, MI




1940’s USMC- pilot




1949 – University- BA, Catholic University of America




1949-1992 – He has married 3 times.



            -As soon as his voice changed at adolescence, McMahon got part-time work calling bingo games. He worked as a carnival barker and a street vendor, and was the unseen voice in countless radio and TV commercials.




1955-2005 – He has appeared in about a dozen movies.




1958 – ABC had a daytime game show called Who Do You Trust?, hosted by ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his dummy sidekick, Charlie McCarthy. When the network decided to replace Bergen & McCarthy, they brought in Johnny Carson as host, and Ed McMahon got the dummy’s job. He laughed extra loud at Carson’s jokes, so when Carson was picked to take over The Tonight Show in 1962, he took McMahon with him. For thirty years, McMahon’s job was to laugh really loud at Carson’s jokes and shout "Heeeere’s Johnny!" When Carson left Tonight in 1992, McMahon left, too.




1962-92 – The Tonight Show Sidekick for Johnny Carson.



1983-95 – Star Search host.



1997-98 – The Tom Show, Charles "Charlie" Dickerson



2005 – Here’s Johnny! My Memories of Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show, and 40 Years of Friendship (memoir)