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Maugham, Somerset

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1965 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Dramatist, Novelists

1874 – Born on the 25th of January.

1897 – He presented his second book for consideration.

1914 – Maugham was famous, with 10 plays produced and 10 published novels.

1917 – In May, following the decree nisi, Syrie and Maugham were married.

1920 – Syrie became a noted interior decorator who popularized the all-white room.

1915 – He began work in Switzerland, secretly gathering and passing on intelligence while posing as himself that is, as a writer.

1916 – Maugham travelled to the Pacific to research his novel The Moon And Sixpence, based on the life of Paul Gauguin.

1917 – In June, he was asked by Sir William Wiseman, chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service, to undertake a special mission in Russia to keep the Provisional Government in power and Russia in the war by countering German pacifist propaganda.

1922 – Maugham dedicated On A Chinese Screen, a book of 58 ultra-short story sketches collected during his 1920 travels through China and Hong Kong, to Syrie, with the intention of later turning the sketches into a book.

1924 -His collection The Casuarina Tree, Maugham’s play The Letter, starring Gladys Cooper.

1928 – Maugham bought Villa Mauresque on twelve acres at Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera.

1948 – He announced that he would bequeath this collection to the Trustees of the National Theatre.

1954 – He was made a Companion of Honour.

1965 – Died on the 16th of December.