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Mark William Calaway

Born: 1965 AD
Currently alive, at 56 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Professional Wrestler

1984 – He joined World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) where Calaway began his wrestling career.


1989 – He joined World Championship Wrestling as "Mean" Mark Callous, WCW did not renew Calaway’s contact in 1990.


1990 – Calaway signed the World Wrestling Federation after debuting Kane The Undertaker and debuted as The Undertaker at Survivor Series in november 1990 as Original Deadman


1991 – He defeated Hulk Hogan for the World Wrestling Federation Championship at Survivor Series, November 23rd.


1992 – He defeated Jake "The Snake" Roberts at WrestleMania VIII and face Giant Gonzalez at WrestleMania IX back in 1993.


1994 – The Rebirth of The Undertaker returned at Summerslam in August 1994 facing the Ted Dibiase’s Undertaker


1995 – The Undertaker defeated Yokozuna in a rematch since the Royal Rumble at Survivor Series and facing King Kong Bundy at WrestleMania XI


Wrestlemania XII and at Summerslam he faces Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl and Paul Bearer turns on The Undertaker join with Mankind.


1997 – The Undertaker faces Shawn Michaels in a Hell in a Cell and Kane makes his debut at Badd Blood back in October 5th, 1997.


1998 – The Undertaker faces Shawn Michaels in a Casket Match for the WWF Championship and Kane turns on The Undertaker and sets the casket on fire, and returns at The Deadman returns at Wrestlemania XIV to face Kane, and also faced him in a Inferno Match at Unforgiven, and faces Mankind in a Hell in a Cell at King Of The Ring, and join forces with Kane, and faces "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for the WWF Title at Summerslam back in August 30th. and at Breakdown it was a triple threat match between kane and stone cold steve austin.


1998 – At Judgment Day, faces Kane for the WWF Championship, and realign himself with Paul Bearer unleashing with his Ministry Of Darkness and faces "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in a Buried Alive Match at Rock Bottom "In Your House"


1999 – He forms his Ministry Of Darkness back in January 11th, The Acolytes (Bradshaw & Faarooq), Mideon and The Brood (Edge, Christian and Gangrel) and Viscera. and try to marry Stephanie McMahon and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin saves Stephanie.


1999 – The Ministry merges with Shane McMahon’s Corporation and forms The Corporate Ministry, and The Undertaker defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for the WWF Championship in May 23rd at Over The Edge, and loss the match in a First Blood "End of an Era" Match at Fully Loaded in July 25th, his relationship with The McMahons and The Corporate Ministry disbands.


2000 – The Undertaker returns as the American Bad ass persona at Judgment Day back in May 20th.