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Mario Lemieux

Born: 1965 AD
Currently alive, at 56 years of age.
Nationality: Canadian
Categories: Hockey Player

1965 – Born on the 5th of October, in Montreal, Canada.

1983-1984 – He led the team to two league championships, on his way to becoming the highest-scoring junior player of all time.

         – He was the team’s first pick in the National Hockey League (NHL) draft and was Rookie of the Year.

         – He scored a total of 43 goals and had 57 assists. This 100-point total was the third highest scored by a rookie in the history of the league.

1990 – He was injured in February with a herniated disk. He had to undergo back surgery and later developed a disc space infection.

1991 – Missed the first 50 games of the 1990-91, returning in February. He scored two goals and four assists in his first game back, though he pulled a groin muscle in his fifth game.

1992 – He led the Penguins to their only Stanley Cups.

1993 – He showed its worth by beginning. He scored a goal in each of the first 12 games. In his first 40 games, Lemieux scored a total of 39 goals and 104 total points.

         – His life changed forever when he found a lump on his neck in January.

1996-1997 – He decided to retire while at the top of his game. His reasons were twofold. Though his back problems were part of it, Lemieux also had problems with the job done by on-ice officials.

         – He retired and was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

1999 – He headed an investment group that bought the Penguins, and he returned to play in 2000, scoring 35 goals as he led his team to the playoffs.

2006 – He retired for good, with a total of 690 goals, 1,033 assists, and 1,723 points.