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Marie Louise

Born: 1791 AD
Died: 1847 AD
Nationality: Austrian
Categories: Duchess, Empress

1791 – She who was given the Latin baptismal name of Maria Ludovica Leopoldina Francisca Theresa Josepha Lucia was born on the 12th day of December this year at Vienna, Austria.


1810 – She was married on the 11th day of March of this year to Napoleon by proxy, with a subsequent ceremony-taking place in the chapel of the Louver on April 1 of the same year.


1811 – She gave birth to a son on the 20th day of March of this year, Napoleon François Joseph Charles Bonaparte, styled King of Rome and later Duke of Reichstadt.


1812 – She acted as Regent from April to December of this year during the Russian campaign.


1813 – She acted again from April of this year to January of 1814 during her husband’s absence in the German campaign.


1814 – She and her son fled Paris to Blois, and then to Vienna on this year after her husband’s abdication. The Treaty of Paris of April 30 of the same year allowed her to retain her imperial rank and style (Her Imperial Majesty The Empress Marie Louise) and made her the ruler of the duchies of Parma, Piacenza, and Guastalla, with her son as heir.


1815 – This year, the Congress of Vienna revised this agreement and made her the Duchess of Parma for her life only on this year.


1821 – She married morganatic ally her lover, Adam-Adalber on this year.


1834 – She married, morganatic ally, her grand chamberlain, Charles-René, Count of Bombelles on this year.


1847 – She passed away on the 17th day of December this year at Parma.