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Marie Antoinette

Born: 1755 AD
Died: 1793 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Queen

1755 – She was was given the Latin baptismal name of Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna born on the 2nd day of November this year at the Hopburg Palace in Vienna, Austria.


1769 – She was required to leave her Austrian attire, possessions, servants, and friends behind. After lengthy negotiations, she was allowed to keep her dog, a pug named Mops. The 14-year old was stripped of her nationality and her clothes before the entire Austrian delegation that was present, causing her to break down and cry.


1770 – A marriage per procurationem, or a marriage to her brother Ferdinand, in place of Louis Auguste, took place in Vienna’s Augustine Church. They did this because Marie Antoinette would have entered France as the Archduchess of Austria until she married Louis and the French would not allow it. By this "marriage" taking place, she could enter the French court as the Dauphine, and then be officially married to Louis Auguste.


1774 – Louis-Auguste and Marie Antoinette’s life changed suddenly on the afternoon of May 10, 1774, when King Louis XV died of smallpox. Courtiers rushed to swear allegiance to their new king, Louis XVI, and his wife, Marie Antoinette became the Queen at age 19.


1777 – Her brother, Emperor Joseph II, visited her in April 1777. He had come to inquire about the state of her marriage, since the Austrians were concerned about her failure to produce a son.


1778 – She did not conceive until seven years into her marriage. Rumors began to circulate that Louis-Auguste might be impotent. In spite of the physical problems, the couple’s first child was born on the 19th of December this year. However, they continued to face accusations that the royal marriage was a shame.


1779 – The royals had been greeted with an outpouring of national joy, and the young queen was especially adored, despite the cost of the coronation.


1793 – On the morning of the 16th of October of this year,  a guard arrived to cut her hair and bind her hands behind her back. She was forced into a tumbril and paraded through the streets of Paris for over an hour. She died at age 37 on the 16th day of October this year in Paris France. She was executed by guillotine at the height of the French Revolution in this year, for the crime of treason.