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Maric, Mileva

Born: 1875 AD
Died: 1948 AD
Nationality: Serbian
Categories: Mathematicians

1875 – Born on December 19th in Titel in Vojvodina, Serbia from a Serbian family. Mileva Maric was a Serbian mathematician, and Albert Einstein’s first wife. She was Einstein’s companion, colleague, and confidante: the degree of her participation in his discoveries is contested.

1896 – She started studying for a medical diploma at the University of Zurich, but after one term switched to section VIA of the Swiss Federal Polytechnic as the only female student that year, and only the fifth woman in its history. Einstein started his studies in that section the same year.

1887 – In October, she formally withdrew from the polytechnic to study at Heidelberg university, where women were not allowed to matriculate.

         – Mileva spent in Heidelberg. She was fascinated with a lecture about the relationship between the velocity of a molecule and the distance traversed by it between collisions, and wrote about it to Einstein.

1899 – Because of the gap at Heidelberg she had to sit the intermediate examinations in October, one year after Einstein, and confessed to stress and frustration with her revision.

1900 – The same academic year she also had to sit the final examinations too, in the summer, but failed with an average mark of 4.

1901 – She returned to Vojvodina intending to study and retake the examinations the next year.

         – She became pregnant in the spring, and again failed the final examination for the teaching certificate in July.

1902 – She gave birth to their daughter Lieserl.

1903 – She married Einstein on January 6th in Berne.

1919 – She and Albert got diveorced.

1921 – His husband, Albert won the Nobel Prize and gave her the prize money.

1948 – Died on August 4th in Zurich.