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Maria Christina Alexandra

Born: 1626 AD
Died: 1689 AD
Nationality: Swedish
Categories: Queen

1626 – Christina of Sweden was born on December 8th in Stockholm, Sweden.  Christina was the daughter of King Gustav II Adolf and Maria Eleonora of Brandonburg. Christina’s birth had many implications in that at first the midwives thought she was born a male.

1631 – After the death of her father, Christina became the queen-elect at the age of six. Five agents headed by the chancellor Axel Oxenstierna governed the country.

1632 – Christina was crowned Queen of Sweden.

1644 – She opposed Oxenstierna and there was constant friction between them thereafter, in particular concerning the Thirty Years War.

1648 – She was the prime mover in concluding the Peace of Westphalia and ending the war.

1650 – Descartes presented plans of the Academy. Christina became very fond of Descartes and enjoyed their discussions. However, he contracted pneumonia and died only ten days later.

         – Oxenstierna fell ill and Christina was left with plans of her coronation as well as busying herself with the thought of abdication.

1651 – Christine’s vague desire to abdicate had crystallized into a definite intention, but was discouraged by the council. Christina suffered a severe breakdown and was confined to her bedroom.

1653 – Christina felt that the time had come for her to leave Sweden. She knew that her abdication would involve weeks, or months, of official routine.

1654 – She sent for Gustavus and the abdication was complete on June 6th.

         – Christina left Stockholm and traveled to several places, disguised as a knight, before arriving in Rome on December 19th.

         – Converted to Catholicism on the 25th of December.

1681 – Secured a trustworthy administrator for her lands in Sweden.

         – Lived in Rome as a pensioner of the Pope.  

1689 – Christina died from illness on April 19th in Rome and was buried at St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.