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Mandeville, Bernard de

Born: 1670 AD
Died: 1733 AD
Nationality: Dutch
Categories: Philosophers, Satirists

1670 – Mandeville was born in Rotterdam, Netherlands on January 19, 1670. He was baptised on November 20, 1670.

1685 – Mandeville left Erasmus school at Rotterdam where he showed his ability by an "Oratio scholastica de medicina".

1689 – Mandeville produced a thesis "De brutorum operationibus", in which he advocated the Cartesian theory of automatism among animals.

1691 – Mandeville took up medicine degree, pronouncing an inaugural disputation, "De chylosi vitiata".

1699 – Mandevilee married Ruth Elizabeth Laurence.

1705 – Mandeville published a poem under the title The Grumbling Hive. The book "Fable of the Bees" was primarily written as a political satire on the state of England.

1733 – Died in Hackney, London on January 21, 1733 because of influenza.