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Mallon, Mary

Born: 1870 AD
Died: 1938 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Victim

1869 – Born on September 22nd in Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland. The American cook and disease carrier known as Typhoid Mary.

1874 – Mallon emigrated to America around the age of 15. Mallon found a job as a domestic servant. Finding she had a talent for cooking, Mallon became a cook, which paid better wages than many other domestic service positions.

1906 – A New York banker, Charles Henry Warren, wanted to take his family on vacation. They rented a summer home from George Thompson and his wife in Oyster Bay, Long Island. Also for the summer, the Warrens hired Marry Mallon to be their cook.

1907 – Soper found Mallon working as a cook in the home of Walter Bowen and his family. To get samples from Mallon, he approached her at her place of work. Having a strange man come up to you, to accuse you (who seems completely healthy) of spreading disease and of killing people and then be asked for some of your blood and excrement, well, it does seem it would make just about anybody skeptical.

         – Exiled and quarantined on North Brother Island. Mallon sued the health department.

1910 – A new health commissioner decided that Mallon could go free as long as she agreed never to work as a cook again.

1915 – Five years after Mallon’s release, the Sloane Maternity Hospital in Manhattan suffered a typhoid fever outbreak. Twenty-five people became ill and two of them died.

         – Again, she was exiled and quarantined on North Brother Island.

1922-1925 – The exact life she led on the island is unclear, but it is known that she helped around the hospital, gaining the title "nurse" and then "hospital helper" sometime later. Mallon began to help in the hospital’s lab.

1932 – Mary Mallon suffered a large stroke that left her paralyzed.

1938 – Died on November 11th in Riverside Hospital, North Brother Island, New York.