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Mahler, Gustav

Born: 1860 AD
Died: 1911 AD
Nationality: Austrian
Categories: Composers, Conductors

1860 – Born on July 7th in Kalischt, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary [now Kaliste u Humpolce, Czech Republic]. Gustav Mahler is largely considered one of the most talented symphonic composers of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century.

1875 – His parents eagerly encouraged his music studies, sending him to private tutors and ultimately to the Vienna Conservatory.

1880-1888 – Works written during this time included Das Klagend Lied, Lieder Eines Fahrenden Gesellen (Songs of a Wayfarer), and his First Symphony.

1889 – The premiere of his First, in Budapest in November, was deemed a critical failure, since the audience was unaccustomed to the sound of this complex, modern work.

1892 – Composed the Second Symphony, a mammoth work of five movements requiring a full orchestra, female choral soloists, two choirs, an offstage brass band, and a pipe organ.

1902 – Married to Alma Mahler on February 9th and had two children.

1907 – Brought three tragic events to Mahler’s life (ironically foreshadowed by the three "hammer blows" present in the Finale of his 6th Symphony): First, he was forced to resign from the Hofoper in somewhat acrimonious circumstances (chiefly disagreements as to what artistic direction he wanted to take the Hofoper), second, the diagnosis of the valve defect in his heart, and third, the death of his elder daughter (of Scarlet Fever).

1908 – The Eight Symphony began the final series of Mahler’s works. Concluding Mahler’s final works were Das Lied von der Erde , the Ninth Symphony, and an unfinished Tenth Symphony, all of which he did not live to see or hear performed.

1911 – Died from infectious endocarditis on May 18th in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary [now Austria].